Stephanie Male
Home No image available Hi, I'm Stepahnie Male, a illustrator and maker in Bristol, UK. With a love of printmaking and the outdoors, I illustrate what I love about life and my surroundings.

After growing up in a small village in somerset, and growing used to wilderness and adventure of running through fields and bushes as a child, I've grown to miss the freedom of open spaces and the local wildlife from home.

Exchaning my muddy wellies and bikes for pencils and ink during my move to Bristol for university I try to bring back my country life and incoporate it into my work.

Starting with small sketches, I turn these into illustrations, linoprints and screenprints using both traditional and digital methods. Always looking to experiment with new techniques and materials, I've grown to weave these processes together and adapt my practice. ​​​​​​

Venue: City Farm - new space

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