Diana Fry (Manson)

Di Fry is a Bristol based artist known for her use of colour and light. Inspired by the Impressionists she usually uses her palate knives and brushes to create images of mountains, meadows, sky and water. In recent years she has gained inspiration from the natural beauty of the Atacama Desert, Iceland, the Rockies and the untamed beauty of Dartmoor and the vitality of the Devon and Cornwall coastlines.Di works in oil using the texture and richness of the paint to give an almost tactile quality to her work.

She often starts frenetically then, after turning the canvas or board to the wall for up to a week,
Returns several times to add extra layers of paint, subtle flourishes and nuance. Di is very versatile and is always willing to experiment

Diana Fry (Manson) Diana Fry (Manson) Diana Fry (Manson) Diana Fry (Manson) Diana Fry (Manson)