Eva Glass Design

St Werburghs Community Centre

Stained and fused glass window art, homeware and jewellery. Commissions welcome.

I am a Bristol-based glass artist and designer-maker who creates stained glass and kiln-formed glass window art, homeware and jewellery.

My work is primarily designed to interact with natural light to bring patterns of colour to interiors. The versatility of glass types and techniques make it a fascinating medium to work with, and I have always loved how the shades of coloured glass change in different light. Most of my work is inspired by the nature I immerse myself within when working in my garden or visiting the countryside. I also take inspiration from the sea, and our relationship with it. I absolutely love the shades of blue glass that are available to work with, and use a lot of coastal imagery and themes in my work where I love the challenge of representing the myriad colours of water. Principles of balance and proportion are also important to me in the way I design and construct my pieces, which allows them to bring a harmonious feel to interiors.

Commissions for both stained glass window panels and smaller fused glass pieces are always welcome. I enjoy involving my clients in design processes of commissioned pieces to help them express their own creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Eva Glass Design