Karen George

Landscapes and seascapes with atmospheric skies, in acrylic and mixed media.

The natural environment is a huge inspiration for me. When I paint I aim to capture that feeling I get when I am on my own in the middle of nowhere soaking up the ever changing light that dances over a landscape and the movement of clouds. The whole approach for me is about experimenting and learning as I explore what can be achieved with the acrylic paint and how it combines with other materials and mediums .Using a limited palette, I work in a semi abstract, instinctive way letting the composition evolve. I start my work by layering paint over a gesso base and scratching/rubbing back to reveal lost layers and then build up layers and colours. I end up working on 5 – 7 pieces at one time which as well as giving time for paint to dry, allows for both consideration and spontaneity when I paint. I love painting and really enjoy the process.

If you are interested in buying a particular piece or would like to commission artwork please get in touch.

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