Lynn Keddie Artist

Lynn Keddie

I am driven to paint nature, flowers and landscapes. I paint to describe how it makes me feel. Flowers are central to my practice. I try to convey the essence of a flower through paint. I feel a deep connection to them and their vital place in our lives. Their colours and shapes and their generosity both excites and moves me. Nature gives us beautiful combinations of colours and I try to describe that in paint. A landscape is not just a view. Through my use of marks and colour I try to describe the energy of a place, the changing seasons, the elemental moods of the land and sea, the weather, the time of day and the changing light.
Lynn is a painter and photographer working from her studio in The Silk Mill in Frome, Somerset. Her semi-abstracted work is a visceral response to the environment and the seasons. It is energetic, gestural and atmospheric. She works from experiences, sketches and memories all brought together in her studio. Lynn works in oils and acrylics using brushes, knives and rags on canvas, building up layers and texture.

Lynn Keddie Artist Lynn Keddie Artist Lynn Keddie Artist