A Glass Artist

Glass by Alison ter Haar

Becoming a glass artist. Well, how did I get here? 8 years ago I was admiring a friend’s glass creations and discovered that it was possible to go to a local community ‘working with glass class’. I was off….learning how to work with glass has been an amazing voyage, and an ongoing one, since new techniques are always being discovered. The beauty of glass, I think, is both its simplicity and its complexity – you can craft quite simple items, relying on the colour and texture of the glass to produce a wonderful object. Or you can step into the world of murrini, millefiori, dichroic, confetti, stringers, ribbons, pulled glass, enamels, painting, drop vessels, firestix and more. It all sounds quite exotic doesn’t it. Fusing with some of the above mentioned items allows you to develop your own creativity and style. I know I certainly relish playing with fused glass.

I began with glass foil work combined with soldering, moving on to the traditional stained glass ware: working with lead came. I then branched out into fusing with glass – a whole new ball game – and although I found it daunting to begin with, I am now well and truly hooked. Fusing with glass allows you to add depth and variation in texture and colours all on the one piece, and you can fire the piece more than once, and at different temperatures to create different effects. It is a truly absorbing and delightful craft, and I am addicted!

My work includes jewellery items, suncatchers, coasters, ring dishes, small plates and bowls, and larger bowls. I look forward to being in contact with you over the course of this virtual trail. I am contactable by phone or email and payment may be made by Bank Transfer or in person.

A Glass Artist A Glass Artist A Glass Artist A Glass Artist A Glass Artist