Guilt, Grace and Gratitude

The Clarks

12 Sandbed Road

Guilt, grace and gratitude is the record of that ancient story from dust to dinosaur to destiny.

Adrian and Jo would love to share with you this amazing story. Having been retold from generation to generation, what is it about the Christian tale of guilt, grace and gratitude that is so compelling? Myth, legend, folklore and history captured and revealed in this urban artwork. Bring your questions, comments challenges and prayers to investigate this cultural archetype.

Andy Zase was born in Trencin, Slovakia and has been involved in art and graffiti since 1996. You can see more of Andy’s work at Zase’s picture is set in a garden designed and built by St Werburghs very own ‘Capability Brown’, Ali Smith, the creative businessman and owner with Jerry White, of Secret Garden.

Guilt, Grace and Gratitude