Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to be part of the Arts Trail this year?

If you want to take part you need to fill in the online registration form on our website and pay the correct registration fee before the cut off date (4th September 2020)

Who can be part of the Arts Trail?

Arts Trail is a celebration of creativity and whoever does any craft, art or has some related skills to share can take part in the Trail. If still in doubt send us an email and explain what you want to show.

What time does the Arts Trail start?

The Arts Trail will start on Saturday 26th September and stay live until Sunday 25th October.

If I participate in the Arts Trail, am I required to help?

Usually we ask the registered Artists to help us with promoting the Trail – any social media links to our website ( or our hashtag (#stwerburghsartstrail) are appreciated.

Generally, spread the word as one says. This is also in the Artists’ interest as the volunteer members of committee can only cover so much, so every little help counts.

What Is The Registration Fee?

As this year is virtual only, there is one flat fee of £10. This will get you a full profile on our website, and will be on display for a full month.